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NNUG: In the brains of JetBrains with Dmitri Nesteruk

Yesterday was the first NNUG this fall. This time held in a new location, Teknologihuset (Pilestredet 56), in my opinion a much better venue, in particular the air was a lot better than in the previous location. There were about ninety people present, and not a single vacant chair.

Dmitri Nesteruk

Dmitri Nesteruk from JetBrains held two one-hour presentations, first he talked about “ReSharper Tips and Tricks”, and after the pizza break he talked about “Fast Code Craft”.

ReSharper Tips and Tricks
Dmitri talked about the four ReSharper shortcuts he thinks everyone should be familiar with; ALT+Enter for quick fixes, ALT+INS for code generation (from templates), ALT+` for navigation (this does not work on Norwegian keyboards – you need to remap this to something else) and SHIFT+CTRL+R for refactoring. For each of these, he showed how the result depended on the context, and had good examples of how to improve productivity by using these shortcuts.

He also showed us how to edit the code generation templates, and that ReSharper 8 now supports code generation of multiple files, something I immediately think will be handy when working on an MVC project, as you can create a model, a view and a controller with a single ReSharper command.

Finally, he showed us how to enter the ReSharper “internal mode” (by some also known as “god mode”). This is totally unsupported, and may totally wreck your project, so use this with caution! Edit the Visual Studio shortcut by adding “/ReSharper.Internal” at the end of the command line:

Now, when you start Visual Studio, you’ll have a new menu item in the ReSharper menu:

Fast Code Craft
Dmitri talked about various ways to speed up code creation. While only part of our time is spent on actually typing code, Dmitri thinks that it is still important to speed up how we type boiler plate code, the goal being to create the code almost as fast as we can think it up, thus freeing up the thought process while coding. He had several tricks for improving code creating speed, e.g. using Mnemonics for ReSharper, meta-programming techniques and code generation from MathML and Excel.

Links (sorry for the quality of the picture):
2013-08-27 20.11.00

All-in-all an entertaining and educational meetup!