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Improving LinkedIn Profile Views

Since I quit Facebook, I’ve focused more on LinkedIn and Twitter lately – arenas that I feel are more work-related. Here are some tips for improving your LinkedIn profile views.

  1. Complete your profile
    Make sure all your relevant positions are described – and while your at it, improve the descriptions!
  2. Add some connections
    Surely – there are people you worked with that you’ve forgotten to add. Search for the company where you were collegues, and you’ll find them. They’ll be happy to accept your invitation to connect. By the way; remember to change the default invitation text. It’s so much more personal with “Hi, Andy! I was thinking about the time I spent in company X the other day, and I suddenly thought of all the fun we had together at the pub at the corner after hours on Fridays.” than the standard message LinkedIn presents as a default.
  3. Add some keywords
    No matter what type of job you do, or what your expertise is, there are keywords people will search for. Make sure those keywords are included in your profile, so people may find you easily!
  4. Endorse people & recommend people
    Most of the time, they’ll be happy to return the favour, and do the same for your.
  5. Click around!
    Have a look at other people in your line of work – not only people you know. This will give you a good idea of what people in your line of work are thinking about and sharing etc. You might get some interesting ideas this way. And of course, some of these people may want to check out your profile. Who knows, you might even end up making some new friends?

Now, does this kind of thing work? Well, take a look at these stats, after only four-five evenings of working at improving my profile: