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Indexing a Relate+ site with Google Mini

A customer insisted on indexing the site using their Google Mini server. The problem is that Google Mini does not support forms authentication or cookies. So here is a brief summary of what we did to make indexing the site possible:

  1. A Web.config setting for the IP address of the Google Mini box
    (For testing purposes, it is quick and easy to emulate the Google Mini request by setting this value to
  2. A Relate+ user account for the Google Mini
  3. Web.config settings for the above username/password (in case we ever decide to change the account)
  4. Create a new login page, which checks the Request.UserHostAddress and automatically authenticates the Google Mini with the above credentials
  5. Created an overload for the CurrentUser, which checks the Request.UserHostAddress and if it’s from Google Mini returns the Google Mini account mentioned above
  6. Specified ¬†cookieless=”AutoDetect” in the Web.config:
    <authentication mode="Forms">
          <forms name=".EPiServerLogin" loginUrl="Util/login.aspx" timeout="40320" cookieless="AutoDetect" />

This did the trick…