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Installing EPiServer Community on an Existing EPiServer Site

The Problem

The EPiServer Community cannot simply be installed via NuGet (yes – I’ve tried that too), you need to install it using Deployment Center. However, when you try this, you’ll get the following error message (unless you have a really old and un-updated site):


The Solution

This is really simple, once you know how to go about it:

  1. Copy your current EPiServer.dll file to somewhere else.
  2. Find an old version of the EPiServer.dll file, e.g. 7.5.394.2 (which was the file I used), and place this into your bin folder.
  3. Start Deployment Center, and use it to install EPiServer Community to your site.
  4. When the Deployment Center installation has completed, replace your EPiServer.dll file with the file you backed up in step 1.
  5. Install the latest EPiServer Community package via NuGet.
  6. Build and start your site.

The Help I Found on the Way

The following people/resources were of great help in figuring out the above process: