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CMS6: Mysterious Error Message when SMB Traffic is Blocked

When using Forms Authentication with an Active Directory provider, and SMB traffic is blocked in the firewall, it’s not easy to understand what the problem is. The site runs fine, you get the EPiServer login screen, but when you try to enter a username and password, you get this error:


The error says “Configuration Error” in it’s heading, and highlights the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider setting in your web.config file, even though the configuration is correct. Reading the text of the error description, you’ll see “The Workstation service has not been started”, even though it is running. The EPiServer log files will show you a stacktrace from the login process, but this will not help you much, and won’t give you any hints to the real issue. It took quite a while to figure out that the problem was that the firewall was blocking SMB traffic.