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Episerver 7: ScheduledJob: Last Successful Run

In an Episerver 7 project I’m working on, I need a scheduled job to continue its work with all that has happened since its last run. So I created the following code to make the job figure out when it last had a successful run:

	DisplayName = "Some Job",
	Description = "Some Job Reporting its Last Successful Run"
public class SomeJob : JobBase
	internal static Injected<ServiceAccessor<SchedulerDB>> DataAccess;

	private DateTime GetLastSuccessfulRun()
		var maxDate = DateTime.MinValue;
		foreach (DataRow row in DataAccess.Service().ListLog(ScheduledJobId).Tables[0].Rows)
			if (Converter.ToIntZero(row["Status"]) != 0)

			var execution = ((DateTime)row["Exec"]).ToLocalTime();
			if (execution > maxDate)
				maxDate = execution;

		return maxDate;

	public override string Execute()
		var lastSuccessfulRun = GetLastSuccessfulRun();
		return $"The job was last successfully run on {lastSuccessfulRun:s}";

		// TODO: Make the job do more than just report its last successful run...

…of course the job (when it’s fully implemented) will do more than just report its last successful run…