Anders G. Nordby

Lead Software Engineer at Sopra Steria

Episerver 7: ScheduledJob: Last Successful Run

In an Episerver 7 project I’m working on, I need a scheduled job to continue its work with all that has happened since its last run. So I created the following code to make the job figure out when it last had a successful run:

	DisplayName = "Some Job",
	Description = "Some Job Reporting its Last Successful Run"
public class SomeJob : JobBase
	internal static Injected<ServiceAccessor<SchedulerDB>> DataAccess;

	private DateTime GetLastSuccessfulRun()
		var maxDate = DateTime.MinValue;
		foreach (DataRow row in DataAccess.Service().ListLog(ScheduledJobId).Tables[0].Rows)
			if (Converter.ToIntZero(row["Status"]) != 0)

			var execution = ((DateTime)row["Exec"]).ToLocalTime();
			if (execution > maxDate)
				maxDate = execution;

		return maxDate;

	public override string Execute()
		var lastSuccessfulRun = GetLastSuccessfulRun();
		return $"The job was last successfully run on {lastSuccessfulRun:s}";

		// TODO: Make the job do more than just report its last successful run...

…of course the job (when it’s fully implemented) will do more than just report its last successful run…


One response to “Episerver 7: ScheduledJob: Last Successful Run

  1. Scott Reed 2017-10-05 at 22:50

    You can inject the IScheduledJobLogRepository and use that to get the logs returning back all the information including dates and completed status of a job. This is a new service as part of episerver 10 replacing the same functionality via the IScheduledJobStatusService pre 10.

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