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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Stopping the Check Point Endpoint Security VPN from starting automatically

I’m working for several customers, and one of our customers use the Check Point Endpoint Security VPN. This program starts up every time the PC starts, which is annoying because I’m also needing other VPN programs installed. There is no easy way to stop this program from starting up automatically. No options or anything available.

It runs as a service, so if you stop the two services the program relies upon, and set their startup mode to manual, the program does not start the next time you start your PC. However, if you then manually start the program, it is “smart” enough to repair the situation, and you have to remember to stop the processes and set them back to manual again.

I’ve created a simple .bat script that does all this for me, so when I’m finished using the VPN connection, I simple run my StopCheckPointVPN.bat file.

@echo off
echo Killing TrGUI.exe:
taskkill /f /im TrGUI.exe

echo Stopping the services EPWD and TracSrvWrapper:
net stop EPWD
net stop TracSrvWrapper

echo Setting the services to Manual startup:
sc config EPWD start= demand
sc config TracSrvWrapper start= demand

echo Done!


I’ve placed this in C:\Scripts, and created a desktop shortcut to it. That way, I can check the “Run as Administrator” checkbox (found on Properties/Advanced on the shortcut), and all I have to do when I’m done using the VPN is to doubleclick my shortcut.

I’ve also created a script that starts the VPN again:

@echo off
net start EPWD
net start TracSrvWrapper
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\Endpoint Connect\TrGUI.exe"

A final tip: set the icon for the two shortcuts to point to the C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\Endpoint Connect\TrGUI.exe file icon, and you’ll easily find them when you need them.