Anders G. Nordby

Lead Software Engineer at Sopra Steria

Certified inRiver Developer

inRiver is a Swedish company well-known for it’s PIM solution. The company was established in Malmö in 2007, and has 220+ customers in 17 countries, 100+ partners and 500+ certified individuals. I’ve just come home from three days of developer training and certification in Malmö, Sweden. inRiver is often used in combination with Episerver Commerce, both because it is a great product in itself, and also because it has a good pre-built connector to Episerver Commerce. You can read more about Episerver Commerce and PIM in this blogpost by Alexander Haneng.


The first day consisted of the course Introduction to inRiver PIM (which is a mandaroty prerequisite to the other courses). The course started out by explaining what a PIM system is all about, and why it is important. The aim of the course was to give the participants knowledge about the advantages of using the inRiver PIM, knowledge about best practices for creating marketing models, and some knowledge about the implementation procedure. The mission of inRiver is to deliver a visual user-driven PIM that simplifies multi-channel commerce, drives sales and increases revenue. The aim of centralizing product information in a PIM system, is to be able to enrich the information so that it becomes contextual, desirable, findable, consistent, correct and relevant. We looked at the basics of designing a marketing model in inRiver PIM, and learned about the fundamental tools using best practice examples.

The next to days consisted of the inRiver Developer course, which was a hands-on course where we spent much of the time coding various examples using the inRiver Remoting API, the inRiver Server Extensions and the inRiver Inbound/Outbound Connectors., thereby gaining an understanding of how to work with the inRiver APIs, and how to tackle the most common implementations that occur in inRiver PIM projects. We had practice coding using Product, Item and Resource as the starting point when building a Marketing Model, and also how to use Custom entities, Data types, Link Types, Link entities, Specifications, Fieldsets, Channels, Categorization and Languages.

The course ended with a practical exam; we were free to use the internet, the inRiver wiki and our own course notes while working on a practical task. The task felt like a relevant and good example of one aspect needed during an inRiver implementation project, and included much of the material comprised during the course.

I can highly recommend the inRiver Academy courses to anyone wanting to learn about the inRiver PIM. The course material practical and interesting, and the instructors were highly experienced and competent. Now, I look forward to using my newly achieved knowledge in real implementation scenarios for our customers.


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