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EPiServer Find: Indexing MetaData with PageData

Sometimes, there are additional meta data that should be indexed together with your PageData objects. In my example, I have a separate database containing meta data for the CoursePage page type. So whenever I index or update a course, I would like to also index the meta data relevant for the particular course (as the meta data should of course also be searchable).

My solution to this problem is a bit “hackish”, as I get and index the meta data as part of my check for whether the CoursePage item should be indexed or not. Here is the working example code:

using System;
using MyProject.Delegate.Models.Pages;
using EPiServer.Core;
using EPiServer.Find;
using EPiServer.Find.Cms;
using EPiServer.Find.Cms.Conventions;
using EPiServer.Find.Framework;

namespace MyProject.Delegate.Configuration.EPiServer
    public class EPiServerFindInitialization
        public static void Initialize()
                .ShouldIndex(x => x is IShouldIndexWithFind);


        private static bool CoursePageIndexingWithMetaData(CoursePage coursePage)
            // Make sure we delete old versions of the metadata (if there are any)
            var client = Client.CreateFromConfig();
            client.Delete<CourseMetaData>(x => x.CourseGuid.ToString()

            // Get and index new metadata
            var metaData = GetMetaData(coursePage);
            return true;

        //TODO: Get real meta data here; this is just example data
        private static CourseMetaData GetMetaData(CoursePage coursePage)
            return new CourseMetaData()
                CourseName = coursePage.Name,
                CourseGuid = new Guid(coursePage.KursId)

        public class CourseMetaData
            public string CourseName { get; set; }

            public Guid CourseGuid { get; set; }

            // Providing a nice title for the search result item
            public string SearchTitle { get { return "MetaData for " + CourseName; } }

And here is the result:


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