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Monthly Archives: August 2014

EPiServer CDATA Bug in Language Files

Just a quick note to myself (and perhaps others), so that I won’t spent the same amount of struggling again… 🙂 The Xml CDATA tags do not work in EPiServer, and what’s more: EPiServer stops parsing the lang file at the point where the CDATA tag is encountered. The result of this may seem totally bizarre, because some translations work perfectly, while other translations show up with the “Missing Translation for ‘/blah'” error message. So you end up with a site where there are lots of messages about missing translations, while other translations work. Then you start scratching your head as to why these translations fail, because the more you look at them, the more they look as if they should appear normally… Finally you find the culprit; there’s a tag containing stuff encoded with CDATA between the point where things work and the point where they stop working. I’m sure everyone else just shrugs, and say: “Yup, I knew that!”