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Monthly Archives: August 2012

“Ten useful thoughts and techniques leading software teams” with Roy Osherove

Yesterday, I attended the meetup “Ten useful thoughts and techniques leading software teams” with Roy Osherove at Scotsman in Oslo. The venue was packed with more than hundred participants, mostly developers and software architects.

Osherove is one of my favourite speakers on software, and he opened his talk in Norwegian, and explained that he’s now moved to Norway and that he’s now employed at Bouvet. He is both very knowledgable and an inspiring speaker, and the fact that he’s moved to this country probably means we’ll see him more often.

Roy Osherove started by defining the tree stages a project team can experience; the “survival stage”, the “learning stage” and the “self-organizing stage”. He then discussed various ways a team leader may fail to move the team in the right direction (towards “self-organized”), and some ideas on what is needed from a good team leader. He also mentioned that he’s writing a new book on this subject, “Notes to a Software Team Leader”, and that the writing of this book is “sort of agile and a work in progress”.

Be sure to check out his ideas on “Elastic Leadership” on